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1: Bryonia Alba has marked action on flu and rheumatism. Coryza with frequent sneezing, dry nose and loss of smell. Onset of fever is slow and insidious. Fever caused by taking cold in hot summer weather, from exposure to draught of cold wind. During fever, the patient lies quietly. Does not want to move, even a little bit of motion makes him worse. There is low muttering delirium during fever. Also talks about his daily business. There is constant motion of left arm and left leg during fever. Bryonia Alba is a chief remedy for rheumatism and arthritis. The knee joints are stiff and painful. There is hot swelling of the feet. Joints are red, swollen, hot with stiching pain relieved by absolute rest and pressure and by lying on painful side. Worse on least movement.

Bryonia Alba also helps in respiratory symptoms like dry cough, bronchitis, asthma and also early stages of pneumonia. Cough is caused after taking cold or getting hot in summer. Right side of the chest is usually involved. Cough is dry, hard with gagging and vomiting with stitching pain in chest. The patient holds the chest while coughing as slightest movement worsens the pain. Cough is worse during night, from motion, from laughing, from talking and from heat of room. It is also indicated in early stage of pneumonia. Lower lobe of right lung is affected.

Bryonia Alba is useful in gastro-intestinal symptoms. There is dryness of the mucus membrane of the entire alimentary canal. Dryness of mouth is well marked. Dyspepsia with soreness in stomach. Vomiting of bile immediately after eating. Pain in the abdomen worse after eating and not relieved by pressure. Most of the pains relieved by pressure but not the gastric pain. It is also useful in constipation. Stool is dry, hard, knotty as if burnt. Headache due to constipation, with thirst for large quantity of cold water at long intervals. Bryonia Alba is also useful in gastro enteritis causing diarrhoea. Morning diarrhoea as soon as the patient gets up from bed and puts the feet on the floor. Watery stool containing undigested food particles.

Bryonia Alba is also helps in headache caused due to draught of cold air, from constipation and from ironing. Pain is bursting type as if brain going to burst. Feels that the contents of cranium would be pushed out. Headache is worse from motion, in morning and better from pressure and lying on painful side.

2:Colocynthis is a suitable remedy for abdominal cramps and colic.Colicky pain felt in the whole abdomen. Pain is caused due to anger with indignation, vexation, exposure to cold or from suppressed menses. There is terrible agonising pain in the abdomen which compels the patient to bend double. The pain comes in paroxysms and becomes severe in few minutes. Pain is violent and gripping type. Abdomen is very sensitive to touch. The patient twists and turns to get relief. Pain is worse from eating, drinking and by touch and is better from bending double, hard pressure and discharge of flatus. Colocynthis is also useful in dysmenorrhea and menstual colic. Colocynthis also helps in uterine and vaginal pains.

Colocynthis is also useful in the treatment of dysentry and diarrhea. There is frequent excessive urge to stools. There is a sensation of weakness in rectum and anus. Stool contans mucus and blood and is foamy with tenesmus. Feeling of emptyness in stomach during diarrhea. There is pain in goins and both sides abdomen with diarrhea and dysentry. Urge for stool after least food and drink.

Colocynthis is also indicated in sciatica especially left sided. There is crampy pain in the hip, as though screwed in a vice. Pain is of shooting type, like lightning shocks extending down the whole limb. Pain down both hips and thighs and also sometimes from hip to back of knee. It is a drawing cramping, tearing pain better from heavy pressure, lying on affected side and heat. Left sided neuralgia with tearing shooting pains and swelling of face. Contraction of muscles causing limbs to be drawn together.

3:Gelsemium is especially suitable for any and every type of fever and flu. It helps in intermittent, remittent or continuous fever. The patient is thirstless and nervous before the chill. Chill especially along the spine, running up and down the back in rapid wave like succession from sacrum to occiput. Pulse is slow, soft and compressible. There is long and exhausting heat with muscular soreness. Great prostration and fatigue with violent headache. Gelsemium is also indicated in remittent fever due to heat of sun, warmth or cold. Onset of the fever is insidious, slow and gradual. During fever there is dullness, dizziness and drowsiness accompanied with muscular weakness. The patient desires absolute rest. The tongue trembles with complete absence of thirst. Severe headache relieved by profuse urination. After fever there may be paralysis of various groups of muscles. Gelsemium is also prophylactic against influenza and also cures its complications like paresis and paralysis occuring after flu.

Gelsemium is also indicated in anxiety and all sorts of fear. Anticipation of any unusual ordeal like preparing for exam, church, public meeting etc brings on diarrhea. There is great nervousness. Desires to be quiet, to be let alone, does not wish to speak or have any one near. It is a remedy for all ailments caused due to fear, fright, exciting and bad news, depressing emotions, sun and self abuse. 

4:Phosphorus is a chief remedy for hoarseness and laryngitis with aphonia and painful larynx. It is a remedy for clergymen's sore throat. There is violent tickling in larynx with rawness. Cannot talk on account of pain in larynx. Hoarseness is worse in evening, while talking, laughing, reading and in cold air. Phosphorus is also useful in cough when usually left side of chest is affected. There is a sensation of weight on chest. Cough hard, dry with congestion of lung. Rusty sputum with sharp stitching pain in chest. It is also indicated in hepatisation stage of pneumonia. The upper left lobe of lung is affected. Cough and pain worse on lying on left side, while going from warm room to cold, and towards evening. Better by lying on right side.

Phosphorus is useful in gastritis with empty all gone sensation in stomach. Craves cold food and drink, icy cold, refreshing juicy things. Ice cream relieves gastric pain. Burning in stomach, better by cold food and drink but as soon as water becomes warm, it is vomited. There is also vomiting of bright red blood. Phosphorus is also helpful in diarrhoea with profuse, watery stool. Involuntary like sago like particles. There is a sensation as if the anus is wide open.

Phosphorus is also chief anti-haemorrhagic remedy hence useful in epistaxis ( bleeding from nose), menorrhagia (bleeding from uterus), haematemesis (vomiting of blood) , hemoptysis ( coughing of blood) etc. Profuse watery, bright red blood which is non-coagulable. Small wounds bleed much. Pours out freely and then ceases suddenly for a time. It is also useful in vicarious menstruation that is epistaxis instead of menses.

Phosphorus is also indicated in mental conditions when the patient is apathetic, indifferent to friends and surroundings, even to own children. Unwilling to talk. The patient is gloomy, intelligent but physically weak. Fear of death when alone. Fear of darkness. Oversensitive to external impressions like noise, touch and odour. Always wants to be magnetised.

5:Physostigma Venenosum has marked action on various eye affections. Pain after using eyes, floating black spots. Flashes of light, twitching of lids and muscles of eye. It is useful in photophobia and increasing myopia. There is paresis of accomodation during glaucoma. Physostigma venenosum is also indicated in post diphtheretic paralysis of eyes. There is irritation after using eyes.

6:Plumbum Metallicum has a marked action on alimentary disorders, especially colic and constipation. Stomach is unable to digest food. Contracture of stomach with pressure and tightness, gastralgia with constant vomiting. Plumbum Metallicum is useful for painters colic after lead poisoning. The patient cannot sleep in newly painted room. Very sensitive to lead. Colic in and around naval and radiating to all parts of the body. There is a sensation as if abdominal wall was drawn by string to the spine. Pain is neuralgic type and spasmodic in character. Pain starts around naval also radiates upward to chest and downward to pubes. Patient feels like stretching in every direction. There may also be intersussucption with strangulated, inguinal or umblical hernia causing intestinal obstruction along with colic. Colic is better temporarily by hard pressure and rubbing.

Plumbum Metallicum is also a chief remedy for constipation due to paresis of the intestine or from impaction of faeces. Constipation usually during pregnancy. Stool is hard, lumpy, black like sheep dung. Obstructed evacuation from impaction of faeces.

Plumbum Metallicum also helps in muscular atrophy. Extensor muscles affected as in piano players. It also helps in wrist drop. Muscular atrophy from sclerosis of spinal system. Single muscle or a group of muscle affected. The patient cannot raise arm or lift any thing with hand. Excessive and rapid emaciation of the affected part.


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