Rhus Tox

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

is a chief remedy for backache (lumbago), rheumatism, muscular pains etc. Rhus tox is useful in backache caused due to too much summer bathing in river or lake, lying on damp ground or straining. Pain between the shoulders and small of the back. There is pain with stiffness and pain on swallowing. Backache is worse by sitting and lying and is better by motion, lying on hard surface. Rhus Tox is also useful in injuries to back, joints and ankles. Rhus tox is also indicated in rheumatism caused due to working in damp places and handling clay. Rheumatism or arthritis of any joint especially on the right side of the body. Pain is as if sprained, as if muscle or tendon were torn out from its attachment. Pain as if the bones were scrapped with a knife and the effected parts are sore to touch. There is great restlessness, anxiety and apprehension due to pain. Patient cannot stay in bed at one place. Always wants to be moved. Pain is worse in wet rainy season, on first movement and getting up in the morning. Pain is better by walking or continued motion. Rhus Tox is also useful in sciatica, sprains, strains and neuralgia.

Rhus Tox also has marked action on urticaria, allergies and dermatitis. There are vesicular eruptions on the body. Vesicles are yellow, appear from left to right side, with much swelling, inflammation and burning. Eruptions are itching, burning and stinging. Even the skin of external genitals inflammed and oedematous. Urticaria is worse at night, cold wet rainy weather and is better by warm application. Rhus Tox is also useful in fever blisters appearing around mouth and chin.

Rhus tox also helps in headache and fevers. During headache and fevers there is extreme restlessness with desire for continuous change of position. Headache is caused due to beer or too much summer bathing. Frontal headache with feeling as if brain is torn. Headache worse by sitting or lying in cold. Rhus tox also helps in fevers and especially dengue fever. There is triangular red tip of tongue, dry and cracked, sore with imprint of teeth. There is low muttering type of delirium. Patient talks about rowing, swimming and daily occupation.


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