Symptomatic relief from cracked skin.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Symptomatic relief from cracked skin. 
 1-Petroleum: Petroleum has marked action on various skin affections like fissures, eczema, herpes. The skin is rough, ragged, exfoliated and bleeding. There are cracks and fissures all over the body or in affected area. Every little injury suppurates. There are dry eruptions on the tip of the fingers which are rough, cracked and painful and sensitive to touch. Skin is rough and bleeding.  

2-Silicea: Silicea is useful for cracks at the end of the fingers with offensive pus. Fingers are dry. Eruptions itch only in day time. Delicate pale and waxy skin. Skin is unhealthy, every injury suppurates. It also helps in crippled nails on fingers and toes.



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