Stomach ache

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Colocynthis: Colocynthis is a suitable remedy for abdominal cramps and colic or stomach ache. Colicky pain felt in the whole abdomen. Pain is caused due to anger with indignation, vexation, exposure to cold or from suppressed menses. There is terrible agonising pain in the abdomen which compels the patient to bend double. The pain comes in paroxysms and becomes severe in few minutes. Pain is violent and gripping type. Abdomen is very sensitive to touch. The patient twists and turns to get relief. Pain is worse from eating, drinking and by touch and is better from bending double, hard pressure and discharge of flatus. Colocynthis is also useful in dysmenorrhea and menstual colic. Colocynthis also helps in uterine and vaginal pains.

Magnesia Phosphorica: Magnesia Phosphorica is a chief remedy for relief of stomach ache. There is pain at the pit of the stomach or anywhere in the abdomen with bloated and full sensation in the stomach. Sharp, cutting, stabbing, shooting and stitching type of pain, coming and going like a lightning. It is anti-spasmodic remedy, useful in any spasm. Pain compels the patient to bend double. Great distension of abdomen and the patient wants to loosen clothing, walks about and constantly passes flatus which gives no relief. Pain worse by touch and better by rubbing, warmth and pressure.


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