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Chamomilla: Chamomilla is a chief remedy for anger and all ailments resulting from anger. Anger in children results in diarrhoea, cough or fits. Quarrelsome, irritable and violent children. Strikes those around him. Easily loses temper or angry on trifles. It helps in preventing bad effects of anger.

Staphysagria: Staphysagria is useful in anger and symptoms associated with anger. Least action annoys the patients feelings. The person is speechless from suppressed anger. Easily aroused to anger.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Homeopathy has 8 Remedy for Abortion
 (1)Caulophyllum :

Thalictroides are Spasmodic Dyspepsia, Lactation, Leucorrhoea, Pregnancy, Parturition Affections, Rheumatism.
Caulophyllum Thalictroides is helpful in stomach affections causing spasmodic dyspepsia. Pain in the stomach with spasms. It is also useful in female related problems like amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, or menstrual irregularities. It also helps in labour when there is extraoridinary rigidity of os. Pains of spasmodic nature flying in different directions. It is also helpful in all ailments during pregnancy, parturition and lactation. It also helps in leucorrhoea of little girls which is acrid and excoriating.

It also indicated in rheumatism when there is pain and stiffness in small joints, fingers, toes, ankles. Aching in wrists. Pain in flying in nature, migrates from one place to another.

(2)Ferrum Metallicum
Ferrum Metallicum are Anemia, Headache, Menstrual Disorders, Rheumatism, Weakness. 

Ferrum Metallicum has marked action in treating anemia from loss of vital fluid, abuse of quinine. Anemic condition from loss of blood especially from haemorrhage. Due to anemia patient is pale and waxy, muscles becomes flabby and relaxed. Dropsical condition of skin which pits on pressure. Skin is pale and waxy yet face shows appearance of plethora. Rapid exertion or motion brings on weakness, dysnoea, sinking and fainting. Pains and sufferings comes during rest. Patient is better by moving around gently in the house or in open air. Extreme paleness of face, lips and mucus membranes. Emaciation, weakness and trembling in frequent attacks.

Ferrum Metallicum also works for periodical headache once in every 2, 3 or 4 days or every 2 or 3 weeks. Pain is hammering, beating or pulsating type. Headache is caused due to loss vital fluid. With headache, there is vertigo with a sensation as if balancing on water, with avertion to eat or drink.

Ferrum Metallicum is indicated in rheumatism of the left shoulder. Pain in the deltoid muscle. Pain is worse from cold and rest and better by slowly moving about.

(3)Plumbum Metallicum
Plumbum Metallicum are Abdominal Disorders, Colic, Constipation, Intestinal obstruction, Muscular Atrophy.
Plumbum Metallicum has a marked action on alimentary disorders, especially colic and constipation. Stomach is unable to digest food. Contracture of stomach with pressure and tightness, gastralgia with constant vomiting. Plumbum Metallicum is useful for painters colic after lead poisoning. The patient cannot sleep in newly painted room. Very sensitive to lead. Colic in and around naval and radiating to all parts of the body. There is a sensation as if abdominal wall was drawn by string to the spine. Pain is neuralgic type and spasmodic in character. Pain starts around naval also radiates upward to chest and downward to pubes. Patient feels like stretching in every direction. There may also be intersussucption with strangulated, inguinal or umblical hernia causing intestinal obstruction along with colic. Colic is better temporarily by hard pressure and rubbing.

Plumbum Metallicum is also a chief remedy for constipation due to paresis of the intestine or from impaction of faeces. Constipation usually during pregnancy. Stool is hard, lumpy, black like sheep dung. Obstructed evacuation from impaction of faeces.

Plumbum Metallicum also helps in muscular atrophy. Extensor muscles affected as in piano players. It also helps in wrist drop. Muscular atrophy from sclerosis of spinal system. Single muscle or a group of muscle affected. The patient cannot raise arm or lift any thing with hand. Excessive and rapid emaciation of the affected part.
Pulsatilla are Acne, Allergies, Amenorrhea, Breast feeding disorders, Breast pain, Bronchitis, Colds, Conjunctivitis, Coughs, Diarrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Heartburn, Hemorrhoids, Intermittent fevers, Leucorrhoea, Menstruation abnormal, Nasal catarrh, Ovaries inflammation, PMS, Pregnancy troubles, Prostate inflammation, Rheumatism, Sinusitis, Smell loss, Styes, Tapeworm, Toothaches, Varicose veins.
Pulsatilla is a chief remedy for female problems like amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, leucorrhoea, menstrual abnormalities and pre-menstual syndrome (PMS). All the symptoms are traced to the time of puberty. The patient says she has never been well since puberty. Menses delayed or comes too late. Menses suppressed due to wet feet, nervous debility. There is short duration of menses which is scanty. The menstrual flow is thick and changeable in character. The blood flows, stops and flows again. Flow is worse during day and on walking. Pulsatilla helps in pre-menstrual syndrome when there is vomiting and purging with severe pain across the abdomen which is shifting in nature. Diarrhoea during or after menses. There is also dryness of tongue with no thirst. Pulsatilla is suitable to ladies having fair complexion. Pulsatilla also helps in leucorrhoea which is milky white with swollen vulva. Leucorrhoea is acrid, burning and painless or cutting pain in abdomen. Leucorrhoea corrodes the vulva. Pulsatilla is also useful in threatened abortion. It also helps in expelling moles. Pulsatilla also helps in inflammation of ovaries.

Pulsatilla is also a suitable remedy for nasal catarrh, sinusitis and respiratory problems. Coryza with stoppage of right nostril. There is pressing pain at the root of the nose. Loss of smell with large green fetid discharge from nose. Bad smells as of old catarrhs. Pulsatilla also helps in bronchitis with cough caused by irritation in pit of stomach by taking ice cold things, ice cream, or due to suppressed menses. Cough is spasmodic in two paroxysms. There is expectoration of copious and greenish yellow mucus. There is involuntary urination during cough.

Pulsatilla is also useful in gastric complaints like heartburn, diarrhea, hemorrhoids etc. There is dryness of the mouth without thirst. Bad taste and smell from mouth in the morning. There is loss of taste. Tongue is dry, edge of tongue feels sore. It also helps in toothache which is worse in morning and in warm room. Pulsatilla also helps in nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain or diarrhea caused due to rich fatty food, fruits, ice cream, or worms in children. Nausea with a sensation of worms crawling in throat. Vomiting is green in colour. It is also useful in colic which obliges patient to bend forward. Abdomen is sensitive to touch. During diarrhea no two stools are alike and is worse during night. Pulsatilla also helps in intermittent fevers, cold, conjuntivitis and breast pain.
Pyrogenium are Abscess, Fever With Restlessness, Puerperal Fever, Sepsis, Ulcers.
Pyrogenium has marked action on all types of septic fevers with restlessness. It is well indicated in various types of fevers like typhoid, puerperal fever, ptomaine poisoning or sewer gas infection. Fever caused by any septic condition. Sudden rise of temperature. Skin is dry, burning, pale or cold. Bed feels very hard. The patient is very restless. He must constantly move to get relief from soreness of parts. Chills begins in the back, between the scapulae. Pulse abnormally rapid 140-170/ minute, out of proportion of temperature. Periodically the tongue is clean and smooth, as if varnished and fiery red, large and flabby, dry and cracked. Articulation of tongue is difficult. Pus like taste in the mouth as from abscess.

Pyrogenium is well indicated in sepsis condition. All the discharges are very offensive, such as diarrhoea, vomitus, breath, urine, menstrual blood etc. Pyrogenium also acts as homeopathic antiseptic. Pyrogenium is also very useful in treating ulcers of old persons. Ulcers are very offensive and obstinate. Skin is pale, cold and of ashy hue.
Sabina are Abortion, Leucorrhoea,  Menstrual Disorders, Uterine Pain.
Sabina has marked action on Uterine pain. There is a shooting pain from back to front and from sacrum to pubes with haemorrhages. Sabina also helps in many menstraual disorders like menorrhagia, metrorrhagia or dysmenorrhoea. Menses is too early, too profuse and too long lasting. Flow in paroxyms with bright red, liquid and intermingled with clot that is it is partly fluid and partly clotted. During menses pain from sacrum to pubes which is worse from least motion and ceases when walking about. There is discharge of blood inbetween periods. Sabina also helps in leucorrhoea.

Sabina is also indicated in abortion in those ladies who attain menarche very early in their lives. There is a tendency to miscarriage or abortion at third month with typical shooting pain from sacrum to pubes. During abortion the flow is partly fluid and partly clotted. After the abortion there is inflammation of uterus and ovaries.
(7)Secale Cornutum
Secale Cornutum are Abortion, Congestive Headache, Gastro-intestinal Troubles, Menstrual Disorders, Miscarriage, Skin Affections.
Secale Cornutum is a chief remedy for congestive headache which is passive arising from the back of head with pale face. Head is drawn back. There is also falling of hair. Hair is dry and gray.

Secale Cornutum has marked action on various menstrual disorders. Menses is irregular, long lasting and copious. There is continuous oozing of dark blood until the next period. Secale Cornutum also helps in dysmenorrhoea. Menstrual colic with labour like pain with coldness and intolerance of heat. It also helps in greenish, brownish and offensive leucorrhoea. Secale Cornutum is also indicated in threatened abortion at third month. Abortion caused from lifting, straining and hard labour.

Secale Cornutum is also useful in skin conditions. It helps in dry, senile gangrene following injury with burning as if sparks of fire were falling on parts affected. It is worse from external heat and relieved by cold application inspite of coldness of the parts. Secale Cornutum also helps in large ecchymosis and blood blisters. Skin feels cold to touch, yet the patient cannot tolerate any covering. Icy coldness of the extremities. Skin is pale, with sunken eyes and blue rings around the eyes.

Secale Cornutum also helps in gastro-intestinal troubles. Abdomen is very sensitive to touch with burning sensation all over the abdomen. There is unnatural ravenous appetite even with exhausting diarrhoea. There is craving for acids and lemonade, desires bread and undiluted wine. Vomiting of bilious matter, mucus, dark brown, coffee ground fluid or all the food and drink. Secale Cornutum also helps in diarrhoea with icy coldness of the parts. Profuse, watery, painless, involuntary, stool passes with great force.
Sepia are Amenorrhoea, Dysmenorrhea, Leucorrhoea, Menstrual Disorders, Mental Conditions.
Sepia is a chief remedy for various menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhea. Sepia is indicated in late, early, scanty, profuse menses. It also helps in amenorrhoea that is absence of menses. The first menses may be too late or too early. The menses is irregular in every form, with dark flow in the morning. With menses there is a bearing down sensation. Pain comes from back to front, especially in those females who are highly chilly and have a weeping disposition.  Sepic is also indicated in leucorrhoea. Yellowish, greenish discharge with much itching. Acrid leucorrhoea before menses causing soreness of the pudenda.

Sepia also manifests typical mental conditions. The patient is extremely nervous. Indifference to every thing, to her own occupation, to members of her family whom she loved best once, to her own domestic and personal affairs. The patient cannot narrate her symptoms without weeping. She is anxious and fearful. The patient cannot bear tobacco in any form. Consolation aggravates her mental condition.


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