Fear of examinations

Saturday, February 12, 2011

                                        Fear of examinations
As a new student at a higher educational institution, you may come directly from the gymnasium (secondary school), and it may be hard to accept lower grades than you have been used to. Where you might previously have been one of the best, you are now but one of the many skilled. This may be experienced as a personal, and not academic, defeat.
Many students who fear examinations suffer from perfectionism, and thus often also of performance anxiety. They set extremely high demands for themselves in all matters, and thereby the risk of failure becomes greater, which in turn increases their anxiety. Here it is not enough to look at the examination separately. You must also consider the way you look at yourself and others. Behind perfectionism people often hide a low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence.                                                         treatment in homeopathy
Anacardium Occidentale : Anarcardium Occidentale is a chief remedy for fear before examination. There is nervous exhaustion from over-study. There is also impairement of memory. There is sudden loss of memory, the patient is very much disturbed about his forgetfulness. The patient even forgets his own name and the names of the well known places and most intimate friends.

Argentum Nitricum : Argentum Nitricum is a chief remedy for fear of failure in examinations. School children are afraid of going to school. Fearful and nervous during examination. Always in a hurry, anxious, nervous, and irritable.



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