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Ova Tosta: Ova Tosta has marked action in treating leucorrhea with back ache. It is useful when the patient has a feeling as if the spine is broken. There is a sensation as if the spine is wired or tied together with a string. Horrible, foul leucorrhoea; periodical discharge of copious orange colored fluid from vagina.

Kali Phosphoricum: Kali Phosphoricum is a suitable remedy for leucorrhea which is yellowish in colour, scalding and acrid. Leucorrhea with offensive odour. 
More tips for Women
How to Prevent Leucorrhea you naturally, you have to keep cleaning the sensitive area. Feminine hygiene organs should wake up to sleep and shower since the morning. Here are tips that can be done:
  • Clean the intimate organ cleanser that does not interfere with the stability of pH in the vagina. One of these cleaning products made from raw material milk. Products like this can keep the pH balance while enhancing the growth of normal flora and suppress the growth of unfriendly bacteria. Commonly used antiseptic soap is very hard and can be normal flora in the vagina. This is not beneficial for vaginal health in the long term.
  • Avoid the use of powder on her female organ vagina with the aim that fragrant and dry throughout the day. Powder having fine particles are easily tucked away here and there and finally invite fungus and bacteria lodged in the place.

  • Always dry the vagina before dressing.
  • Use a dry underwear. If wet or damp, quickly try to replace with a clean and unused. Nothing wrong you carry spare underwear in a small bag as a precaution when the need to replace them.
  • Use a pair in which the material absorbs sweat, like cotton. Satin pants or other synthetic materials create an intimate atmosphere around the internal organs warm and humid.
  • Outer clothing is also worth noting. Jeans are not recommended because of the pores is very tight. Pick a skirt or trousers like the non-denim material so that air circulation around the intimate organs to move freely.
  • When menstruation, change dressings frequently. Use only panty liners when necessary. Do not be too long. Suppose that when traveling outside the home and release your return home.



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